Mohels and Circumcision

The word Bris means covenant (agreement or promise). The word for cut and for circumcision is Mila.  A Bris Mila, the full name for the ritual, means “the covenant of circumcision.”

To Abraham God said: “This is My covenant that you and your descendants after you are to observe: let every male among you be circumcised…it shall be a sign of the covenant between us…let every eight day old boy be circumcised…” Genesis 17:10-14.

Read an article about circumcision by Dr. Brian McBeth, certified mohel.


All of our local rabbis are happy to meet with you to help you plan your event and help officiate at the ceremony. You do not need to be a member of any synagogue, and most rabbis do not have a set fee. If you need  space, you can arrange to have the ceremony in the synagogue as well, usually for no fee. Please consult our list of congregations in your region to find someone near you.

Are you considering a baby naming for your boy that does not include a circumcision? Reach out to 18 Doors Bay Area to connect with an officiant. 18 Doors provides pluralistic support to Jewish and multifaith families.

Below is a list of mohels who perform Bris Mila ceremonies in the Bay Area:

Debra Weiss-Ishai, M.D.
Certified mohel and pediatrician
(510) 589-8556

Rabbi Avi Lebowitz
Certified mohel and educational director of Jewish Study Network
(650) 207-4956

Piser & Piser Mohelim
Urologist: Joel Piser, M.D.
Hand/plastic surgeon: Jing Hsieh Piser, M.D.

Rabbi Gil Leeds
Chabad Jewish Student Center at U.C. Berkeley
(510) 730-BRIS (2747)

Dr. Elizabeth Lyster, OB/GYN, Certified Mohelet
(650) 515-4509

Mark M. Rubenstein, M.D./Pediatrician (retired)
147 Los Altos Ave.
Walnut Creek, CA 94598
Home: (925) 932-6650/ Cell: (925) 212-9964

Eric Tabas, M.D.
450 Sutter St, Suite 1324
San Francisco, CA 94108
(415) 914-2579

Rabbi Moshe Trager, Certified Mohel
(415) 366-6757

Stuart Avram Zangwill, M.D./Pediatrician/Certified Mohel
(510) 384-8363

Fred Kogen, MD
Berit Mila Board Certified Mohel
(800) 644-4479