We have been overwhelmed by the positive feedback about the Jewish Baby Network. Below are some of the things new parents have been saying. If you’d like to share your experience, please submit your testimonial.


"We found the mohel we used for our son's circumcision through the Jewish Baby Network list of mohels, and she was great. Everyone loved her!"

“My three year old loved going through her baby brother's Shalom Baby Bag. She especially loves the tzedakah box and wanted to start putting money in it. We used our candles right away that evening for Shabbat.”

"We love meeting other Jewish families and learning more about Jewish events and culture in the area, especially events aimed at our family where we don't have to belong to a specific synagogue yet."

"I am actually not Jewish, but my husband is. We are raising our children Jewish. Jewish Baby Network has helped me connect to the Jewish community so that I can better raise our kids with Jewish values. It has been a great resource."

"As a mom with a new baby who just moved across the country not knowing anyone, it was extremely comforting to receive a Shabbat welcome bag, attend other events, and know that the director and other resources (such as rabbis) were available to help me and welcome me to the community."

"We have gotten together socially with families we've met through Jewish Baby Network outside of the events - it's a great way of creating community!"

"Before having a baby, we didn't really know anyone else who were expecting a baby around the same time as us. The Jewish Baby Network has opened us up to a whole new group of friends with babies the same age as ours."

"The events are really nicely produced and very thoughtful- great job!!"

"I've really appreciated how inclusive the Jewish Baby Network is."

"Having an organization that creates baby and toddler friendly events surrounding the holidays has been a great addition to our lives!"

"I met great friends through Director Carol Booth and JBN and was encouraged to lead groups which was an amazing and empowering experience for me."

"Meeting other Jewish parents and babies and making friends is wonderful!"

"The first Jewish Baby Network event that I attended, I immediately clicked with other moms and babies, and they have become our "family" in our new home. We celebrate Jewish holidays together and it makes such a difference to have friends to share them with."

“I love the song you taught us about waking up in the morning. I sing it every morning with our baby and it has become part of our routine. It sets a nice tone for our day. I even sing it to myself in the morning if I need to cheer myself up a bit.”

“I didn’t even know I was missing Jewish community until I started coming to Jewish Baby Network events, and I realized how nice it is to be together with everyone.”

“I used the list of mohels maintained by Jewish Baby Network when our son was born. It was really, really helpful!”

“I really liked the holiday (Rosh Hashanah) event I attended. I even taught the song to my daughter’s day care :).”

“There were some really helpful things in the bag. I’m motivated to do Shabbat tonight because the pamphlet makes it so easy.  I haven’t done Shabbat in my house in years!”

"The Shalom baby bag is so beautiful. I was truly moved by all of the contents -- even the bag itself is so cute in the nursery. I feel so welcomed and blessed as a new Jewish mother. I also have some interfaith friends who really appreciate the pamphlet information."

“One of the biggest benefits of Jewish Baby Network is the community! We have loved meeting all the other Jewish families with babies close to the age of our son.”

“I just joined today and have already connected with one family! I look forward to making more friends.”