Forum Guidelines

  1. BE TOPICAL. Remember that the mission of the Jewish Baby Network is to connect parents to-be and new families to each other and to Jewish life. Postings should be about pregnancy-, birth-, baby-, family-, or parent-related issues, or on topics related to living in the local Jewish communty.
  2. NO COMMERCIAL/BUSINESS PROMOTION POSTING. You cannot post information about your business, or the business of a friend or relative, in the forums.
    1. If someone posts requesting a service or thing that you or someone you know provides, you can reply with a private post; do not reply with a public post to all members.
    2. You may post in the Classifieds area offering your services.
    3. The prohibition on commercial/business postings also applies to your signature. You may include a minimal amount of information about your business and basic contact information. DO NOT include slogans, taglines, or other marketing information, or five different ways to contact you. If your signature seems like advertising in itself, your posts will be deleted.
  3. QUESTIONS POSTED REQUIRE SUMMARIES. If you post a topic to the group and you receive private comments or emails that are not publicly posted, you owe the group a summary of those responses. Please post this summary as a response to your original post, not a new, separate post.
  4. KNOW YOUR RECOMMENDATIONS/REVIEWS. If you are posting about an experience with or recommending a business, it must be one that you have firsthand knowledge of, preferably as a paying customer without a privileged relationship. JBN does not allow references for one’s own business or those of friends or relatives.
  5. DO NOT REPLY ALL UNLESS IT’S OF INTEREST TO ALL. Do not post replies to a specific poster (e.g., a thank you, or a request for more information) to the entire group. Post a private reply or send a Tentmail.
  6. NO SPAM. No Jokes/Chain Letters/Junk Mail/Off-Topic Discussions/Heart-Tugging News Stories or Editorials, political or otherwise. Articles on parenting and/or Jewish topics are OK, but please ask yourself if it’s really of interest, and bear in mind that we have a well-informed group who already access multiple news sources.
  7. NO POLITICAL RALLYING: It is NOT OK to promote or discuss your political views on the list, but providing information about events or situations that contain some political content is OK as long as there is something relevant to families, parents or kids, or the community.
  8. BE NICE/THINK BEFORE YOU COMMENT. No flaming, snotty comments, or other nastiness. Remember that everyone is posting either seeking or trying to provide help, and that we are all parents with a great deal on our plates. Would you be happy with your child responding in the manner you are about to?
  9. REMOVE PERSONAL INFO WHEN FORWARDING. If you forward a post off the list, please strip all personal information from the post.

This Policy was last updated January 19, 2014  This policy may be updated from time to time for any reason.  We will notify you of any material changes to our Guidelines for Forum Posts by posting the new policy on the Site.  We suggest that you consult the Site regularly to check for any changes to this policy.