East Bay

Hanukkah Party of Lights!

Sun, Dec 6, 2020
4:30 pm - 5:15 pm (PT)
Via Zoom
Anywhere you like!
Holiday Celebration

*Singing and Dancing*     *Puppets*       *Blessings*


*Community Zoom Menorah Lighting*


With Jewish Baby Network and our East Bay Partners!

Please bring your own menorah and 2 – 9 candles to light with our Zoom community.


Register now for this free event!


Have fun as a family! Everyone is welcome!

Please invite friends and family from near and far to join you!

This event is free, but please consider a $10 donation to support all our programs.

We welcome everyone, including unaffiliated, single and multi parent, multi faith, multi racial, multi abled, and LGBTQ families.


Major funding provided by the Rodan Family Foundation.
Thank you to Natan and the Leslie Family Foundation for their support.
Jewish Baby Network is a program of Jewish Family and Children’s Services