San Francisco

Professional Services & Special Offers


Mia K. Weinberg, MS, L.Ac.
Moss Acupuncture
415 Spruce Street
San Francisco Ca 94118

Mia is an acupuncturist in San Francisco, and her practice is located in the Pacific Heights. She specializes in family medicine – women’s health, pediatrics, teens, pain and a range of other ailments.

Infant Nutrition Lectures and Workshops

Keren Porper RD, M.Sc,, 917-660-4068
Hila Levy Kidron RD, M.Sc,, 530-407-0720

Keren recently moved to San Francisco from Israel. She is a pediatric clinical dietitian with 10 years experience assisting mothers and their infants after birth. Along with her partner Hila, they are currently giving lectures in both Hebrew and English, on infant nutrition and the relationship between eating habits and preventing or managing eating problems. They normally offer these lectures for $15 per parent, but will cut the price to $10 per parent for our JBN Community.

Fine Art Newborn and Child Portraiture

Natasha and her family are very active JBN SF members, and I would love to share this beautiful offering for our families. Natasha specializes in fine art newborn and child portraiture. She tries to make her work a step above the regular family photography, and provide the styling and photo-editing to make timeless family art pieces.

She is offering a special 15% discount to our JBN Community! So when you reach out, make sure to mention JBN SF to get your discount.

Check out her website: