Blessings and Rituals

Adding a blessing or ritual to pregnancy, birth and babyhood can help elevate these important life moments to a holy space. Whether it’s by taking a moment to recognize the miracle of childbirth or saying a blessing on your baby’s first Shabbat, we encourage you to look through the links below and explore some of the practices that have been part of Jewish tradition for generations. If there is a prayer or ritual that you are looking for that you don’t see below, feel free to contact us at or 650-275-2215.

Article about finding meaning in prayer during pregnancy. Contains a beautiful pregnancy prayer.
A modern pregnancy prayer written using the words from the Hanukkah driedel: Nes Gadol Haya Sham (Great Miracle Happened There ).

Blessings to be said at the birth of a baby.

Bris/Brit Milah (Circumcision)
Article about what a bris is.
Booklet that discusses circumcision and outlines a typical bris.

Welcoming ceremony for a girl
Article about welcoming ceremonies for girls.
Guide to a welcoming ceremony for a girl.

Article that discusses ways to bring Judaism to the morning routine. Includes the morning prayer, Modeh Ani.

Guide for parents to incorporate Jewish ritual into bedtime routines. Contains a link to a printable booklet with prayers.

Shabbat candle lighting times by zip code.
Guide for how to celebrate Shabbat. Includes blessings for children.
Audio links to the pronunciation of Shabbat prayers.
Article about the prayer for children.
Explanation of Shabbat as a gift to oneself.