The Jewish Baby Network has 4 main program offerings:

1. Jewish Birth, Bris, and Baby Naming Workshop. The class covers Jewish themes including choosing a name, planning a welcoming ceremony, incorporating Jewish values in your parenting style, and more.

2. Newborn Playgroups.  Newborn Playgroups are held every four months to facilitate new parent connections.  To attend this FREE event please be sure to register for the Jewish Baby Network.

3. Holiday and Shabbat Events. We have free family celebrations for all the Jewish holidays, and we have Shabbat in the Park picnics during the summer. To get up to date information on all our events please be sure to register for the Jewish Baby Network by clicking here.

4. Family Fun Time. Free! Sunday morning fun for the whole family! Spend time with your kids and connect with other Jewish Baby Network families.

5. Shalom Baby Bags. This complimentary gift is available to families that have recently had a baby on the Peninsula. The bag is filled with items that will help families incorporate Jewish rituals and traditions into their baby’s life.  To receive a bag, register to become a member.  Please note that bags will be distributed based on eligibility and availability.  Thank you in advance for your understanding.

For more information about our programs, or for sign-ups, please click on the links above. Alternatively, feel free to contact our Director, Carol Booth, at or 650.275.2215.