We have been overwhelmed by the positive feedback about the Jewish Baby Network. Here are some of the things new parents have been saying:

“I just joined today and have already connected with one family! I look forward to making more friends.”

“Before Jewish Baby Network we had absolutely no Jewish friends in the Bay Area who we could celebrate Jewish holidays with, so we often would skip them. Now we know others and will do more Jewish activities with them.”

“One of the biggest benefits of Jewish Baby Network is the community! We have loved meeting all the other Jewish families with babies close to the age of our son.”

“It was a pleasure to meet you the other day. Thank you so much for dropping off the Shalom bag – it was filled with wonderful resources. With your recommendation, I put out a request for a nanny on the PAMP message board and have already received responses. Thank you for directing me there! Best wishes.”

“I love the Shalom Baby bag, and it was really nice to meet Carol in person. That makes a big difference.”

“There was some really helpful things in the bag. I’m motivated to do Shabbat tonight because the pamphlet makes it so easy.  I haven’t done Shabbat in my house in years!”

“I really liked the holiday (Rosh Hashanah) event I attended. I even taught the song to my daughter’s day care :).”

“I just wanted to thank you so much for the experience I’ve had with Jewish Baby Network. The Shalom Baby Bag is so so so beautiful – I was truly moved by all of the contents (even the bag itself is so cute in the nursery).  I could not wait to share each item individually with my husband and even show the baby!  It really inspired us to be even more excited for many moments to (g-d willing) come in the future.  From the tzedakah box I’ve always wanted my child to have (since remembering mine from hebrew school), to the baby yiddish book (my grandmother contributed a lot to her local library to keep yiddish alive and though I only know a little, my husband and I are always trying to learn more), to the music cd (the baby already LOVES hebrew music and we met the cantor during high holidays!!) to the sweetest softest baby blanket that I’m sure the baby will love for years to come.  I feel so welcomed and blessed as a new Jewish mother. I also have some interfaith friends who really appreciate the pamphlet information. Thank you so much.”

“I used the list of mohels maintained by the JBN when our son was born. It was really, really helpful!”

“I love the online forum!”